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- ECO Series Finishing Systems -

Also available with optional Compression Delivery Systems featuring full upper and lower driven compression belts. Custom widths and lengths available.
*Some diagrams pictured require optional equipment and accessories.

The Chameleon ECO Series Systems are Our Value Engineered Packages, ideally suited for the finishing of Self-Mailers, Pocketed Products, and Straight Line Packaging products. With the included Standard Accessory Packages, these Two Pictured Systems are able to produce many Pocketed Products, Plow Folded Products, and products utilizing Both Cross and Plow-Folding actions, during the same finishing operation.

The finishing of Pocket Folders, single and double tuck - Straight Line Boxes, a variety of Key Card Holders, Sleeves, Tent Cards, Media Carriers, and even products requiring 90 Degree turning prior to subsequent handling, may all be carried out with these Affordable Systems. Lock-bottom boxes are also able to be produced with the Addition of a “Lock Bottom Accessory Kit”. The Modular design of the ECO Series Systems, allows the user to also integrate with existing equipment for feeding, converting, or stacking. Individual Units can be paired with an ink jet, or paper folder, Score or Slit Equipment to become highly productive systems.

Optional vacuum cassettes, Frictionless bearing bed cassettes, Auto adjusting upper drives, quick release for standard upper drives, all from our Standard Quality Chameleon Line-up, are available to be added to the ECO users Accessory Arsenal.

Below please find additional information on several of our ECO Series Finishing System configurations. If you would like to learn more about Chameleon Finishing Systems and how we can work together with you to help increase your productivity, please contact us at your convenience. We would be happy to discuss our equipment offerings and our unique and industry leading approach to multi-function folder gluers at any time. 

The ECO Series Chameleon Equipment is Designed & Engineered to handle the mechanical operating stresses of production rates of up to 400fpm.

Chameleon 800CF-ECO

Chameleon 800CF-ECO; Continuous Friction Style Feeder. This unit is height adjustable, for product output to downstream units, with manually adjusted leveling legs. The unit can be easily moved for placement within the shop using a Standard Pallet Jack. The normal products that can be fed with this unit will range from Less Than 4x4”, up to 30x24”, depending on the actual shapes and stock thickness.

Solid-Stand-Alone, Continuous Load/Friction Feeding Module - for use with other Chameleon System modules, or as a Productive Feeding device with a "Very Broad Range" of Stock Handling Capabilities.

This Feeder Handles both Die-Cut Shapes, and "Straight-Cut Rectangular forms Very Well.

The 800CF-ECO can be optionally equipped with "Vacuum Assist"  and Alternate Feed Chokes. 


Chameleon 800M-1.5ECO

Chameleon 800M-1.5ECO; Continuous Friction Style Feeder with Two Line Vacuum Assist; 1.5-Meter Out-feed Finishing Section equipped with 5 Carrier Belts (2 vacuum). This unit is height adjustable, for product output to downstream units, with manually adjusted leveling legs. The unit can be easily moved for placement within the shop using a Standard Pallet Jack. The Inclusion of two Lines of Vacuum Transport - as standard, allow for this unit to serve additionally, as a Great Base for the Mounting of an Affixing Feeder - for “Tight Tolerance” Card and Small Product Affixing - In-Line.

When equipped with the proper accessory package, the 1.5ECO can be an effective stand alone producer.


Chameleon 800S3-ECO Finishing Module

Chameleon 800S3-ECO; (31") width Finishing Module is equipped with a compliment of high quality upper drives, formers, and nip wheels. This is a Solid - Versatile, Modular finishing platform for direct mail, packaging, or pocket products.

The S3-ECO can also be utilized In-line, with existing paper folders, ink jets systems, as well as adding Increased Speed Capability to competing systems.

When equipped with a feeder and the proper accessory package, the 800S3-ECO can be an effective stand alone producer or can be used either upstream or downstream in an existing workflow.


Chameleon DC760-2E Standard Delivery

Chameleon DC760-2E Standard Shingling Delivery (78inch long x 30inch wide) Narrow Belt Equipped w/Variable Speed, Auto-Advance Control, and Packing Platform, as well as upper control wheels assemblies.

(Available with optional batching capability by belt advance or kicker.)


Standard & Optional Accessories


For Heavy Duty Operation, Increased Belt Speed Capability, and our “Highly Productive” line-up of Accessory Packages, please consider our Standard Chameleon System Equipment - Click Here To Learn More.


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Chameleon Finishing Systems

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Chameleon’s blend of productivity and versatility are setting new industry standards for multi-function folding and gluing systems. Contact us today at 1-585-494-0476 for additional information; we would be happy to assist you in determining what Chameleon system can help you to reach your production goals, both today and into the future.

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