Chameleon Finishing Systems
- Video Library -

Key Card Holders

Pocket Folder - Full Page Insert

Self Mailer - 6 fold mailer

Packaging - Small Lock Bottom Box

Packaging - Large Lock Bottom Box

Pocket Folder - Document Wallet

Self Mailer - 12 Page Booklet

Vertical - Horizontal Accordion Folder

Pocket Folder - Windowed Folder

Self Mailer - Tipping Magnets

Brochure - 3 Fold

Self Mailer - Scoring Affixing

Self Mailer - PopUp


Legacy Video Library:


Pocket Folder - 24pt

Self Mailer - PopUp

Self Mailer - 6 Page w/Insert

Key Card Holder - Version 2

Self Mailer - Inline Scoring

Self Mailer - Complex Mailer

Pocket Folder - 3 Sided Reinforced

Brochure - 6 Page

Box - Small Lock-Bottom

Brochure - 3 Fold

Turn Over Module

Pocket Folder - w/ Windows

Self Mailer - Card Affixing

Key Card Holder - Version 1

Box - Large Lock-Bottom

Chameleon - System Integrations

Box - 5" Carton

Self-Mailer Window Patching

Self Mailer - Scoring/Tipping

Pocket Folder - 3 Panel w/Insert

Vertical/Horizontal Accordion

Self Mailer - 4 Page

Key Card Holder - Version 3

File Folder

CD Sleeve

Pocket Folder - 9X12

Pocket Folder - 4X9 Inside Tabs

Pocket Folder - Large 24pt

Self Mailer - Magnet Tipping

Self Mailer - 12 Page Booklet

Key Card Holder - Version 4

Document Transaction Wallet

Capacity Pockets

Self Mailer - 8 Page Pull Tabs

Pocket Folder - 4X9, 180 Turn



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Chameleon Finishing Systems – Quality focused and innovative equipment that is designed for continuous adaptation to the evolving demands of the finishing process. We would be happy to discuss how we can work together to help you increase your productivity with a Chameleon system today. Thank you.

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Chameleon Finishing Systems

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Chameleon’s blend of productivity and versatility are setting new industry standards for multi-function folding and gluing systems. Contact us today at 1-585-494-0476 for additional information; we would be happy to assist you in determining what Chameleon system can help you to reach your production goals, both today and into the future.

Available Solutions:

Card Pack Solutions
Gaming Card Solutions
Pocket Folding Solutions
Direct Mail Solutions
Packaging Solutions
Fulfillment Automation Solutions
Edge to Edge Affixing
Contract Engineering
Contract Manufacturing
Contract Machining Services
OEM Branding
Card Collate to Pktg. Workflow Integrations


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