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- M2 Module Specifications -

Chameleon finishing systems are industry leading multi-function folding and gluing systems that are made up of a series of modules followed by a delivery and equipped with a package of top drives and other manipulating accessories. This modular approach allows for maximum flexibility and a wide variety of output possibilities under multiple operating conditions.

The Chameleon M2 module is a two meter long single section transport / manipulation / affixing unit equipped with a top load continuous vacuum assisted feeder and available in 3 working widths – 650mm, 800mm, and 920mm. While smaller in appearance than the larger M3 module, the Chameleon Finishing Systems M2 is unique in that, when combined with a limited number of top drives and manipulating accessories and an economy delivery, it is often the basis for both smaller - but equally as versatile - systems, as well as some of our largest installations to date when used in conjunction with our S2 or S3 modules and a more complex accessory package. In either instance, when equipped appropriately the Chameleon Finishing Systems M2 Module is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that allows the operator to produce a large variety of products efficiently and with a high degree of quality and accuracy.


Standard Equipment

  • Integrated 4 Chanel Controller
  • Top Load Continuous Vacuum Assisted Feeder
  • Vacuum Transport Cassette & Pump Assembly
  • Bearing Bed Transport System
  • Bridge & Beam Accessory Mounting Assembly
  • Electrically Prepared for Stand Alone Operation
  • A/C Inverter Drive System


Additional Details

Material Specification Minimum Maximum
Paper Board 0.15mm (.006in) 0.6mm (.024in)
Corrugated Flute E & F & N Flutes (With Proper Preparation)  
Capability Minimum Maximum
Speed 18.3m/min (60ft/min) 200m/min (650ft/min)
Jogging Mode Standard Equipped  
Blank Size:    
- 800mm width 76 x 102mm (3 x 4in) 780 x 760mm (30 x 30in)
- 650mm width 76 x 102mm (3 x 4in) 635 x 760mm (25 x 30in)
- 920mm width 76 x 102mm (3 x 4in) 910 x 760mm (36 x 30in)
Installation Requirements  
Electrical 220v/3 phase/60hz (Other voltages available)
Compressed Air 90 psi clean and dry
Air Compressor Capacity Up to 10 cfm



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Chameleon Finishing Systems

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Chameleon’s blend of productivity and versatility are setting new industry standards for multi-function folding and gluing systems. Contact us today at 1-585-494-0476 for additional information; we would be happy to assist you in determining what Chameleon system can help you to reach your production goals, both today and into the future.

Available Solutions:

Card Pack Solutions
Gaming Card Solutions
Pocket Folding Solutions
Direct Mail Solutions
Packaging Solutions
Fulfillment Automation Solutions
Edge to Edge Affixing
Contract Engineering
Contract Manufacturing
Contract Machining Services
OEM Branding
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